For the best dressed living rooms and bedrooms; nothing beats a luxuriously warm and highly tactile possum fur throw.


We make our Possum NZ branded throws with care and attention to detail so much so that our construction methods are second to none! From selecting the biggest, and best of premium hides, tape reinforcing all seams to give extra strength and
incorporating our unique possum fur turnbacks at either end of the
throw ensures your investment looks great both ways and will
stand the test of time as any heirloom possession should.
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Wear New Zealand Designer Collection

We design and make from natural renewable resources. In a world of mass production, it is nice to know there is a company that still employs handcrafting in its manufacturing process to obtain the highest possible quality. Select from indigenous NZ eco fur, blended merino knitwear in jackets & sweaters, as well as a selection of luxurious fur throws, and much more. Choose from any of our brands below:


Luxurious possum fur throws & fashion from a NZ environmental pest. Rugs, Boots and more from spotty NZ Friesian cow skins. The finest NZ Babylamb garments, Mongolian lamb accessories and much more NZ made fashion from Alpaca fleece.


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