Eco Fur in India!

Indian Fashion Week was held back in March, and we’ve just noticed that one of the fashion houses Lecoanet Hemant was using New Zealand Possum fur in their collection! Here’s a link to the article from Yahoo! India.

They had a range of Possum fur jackets in their collection, although the picture in the article is of an après-ski hat in white Possum fur. This looks quite similar to our very own KGB hat.

It’s nice to see Possum being utilized in markets other than our own.

If I had one concern it was this quote

It’s also very interesting fur because it’s the only one you can wash in a machine.

Please, whatever you do, DON’T wash your Possum fur in the machine! You can gently wash Possum Merino yarn, but I would never recommend washing a Possum garment or scarf.

If you’re unsure but would like to see some fur care instructions, have a look on the Possum NZ website.

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