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Our full depth filters are made in New Zealand to fit snugly into most of the interior of our Kiwana Kids face masks thus avoiding slippage from the nose.

Made from 2 layers of medical grade meltblown material, they offer a high filtration capacity against virus, bacteria, dust and pollen.

NB: Kids filters are not encased in polypropylene as adults filters making them as lightweight as possible for young faces.

Filters should be changed every 24 hours. Eg: if wearing for 3 hrs per day, change weekly.

If on a long haul flight, change filters at destination end. If high temperatures or profuse sweating, change more often.

What is meltblown?  It is the fine non woven mid layer of a surgical mask and is made by heating polymer and extruding through small nozzles by high speed gas thus creating  tangled filaments of fibre to filter dust, air borne bacteria, virus and pollen.

This filter material has been tested in New Zealand with the following results given to us:  "2 layers of this filter removes 98% of small particles ( from 0.1 to 3 microns)"

Kids vary greatly in size but in general:

 XS = 2-4 years old

   S = 5-8 years old

  M = 9-12 years old

To replace filter:

To insert new filter into Surgical mask: Sanitise hands and fold filter in half . Insert through hem opening upwards to top of right hand corner of mask. Unfold filter and fit to left hand side. Adjust. It is the same method of placing a duvet inner into its casing.

Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept return of any face mask item.