Ms Possum in a Bullish Market

Ms Possum in a Bullish Market

Look what Ms Possum has just made!!

“Not out of possums!” you say…

Er no, Ms Possum does not have racial tendencies to only one furry creature, instead she also manufactures under her “Moomoo” label, as well as the iconic “Possum New Zealand”.

So, this custom design rug is made from 20 mini Friesian cow hides – all carefully joined together to create a work of art that is far more therapeutic than going to the shrink. We could look at it for hours – in fact Ms Possum did while making it!!

For other Moomoo creations including our new footwear range, visit the Possum New Zealand website.

So my pets, if you have the misfortune of being born a male moomoo in New Zealand, you’ll be collectively called by the name of “Bobby” and a part of you will be converted into a work of art gracing someone’s body or floor.*

For all you other males out there – don’t mess with Ms Possum or she’ll have your hide!!

Regards, Ms Possum

* P.S.: I’d like to put a wee disclaimer here at this point in time for all you animal lovers. While we have made this rug from the hides of calves, here at Possum New Zealand we are very conscious of where we source our materials from and ensure that no animal cruelty has taken place. For this particular rug all the hides that were used were from calves that unfortunately did not survive the first few days of their life due to natural elements.

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