New Zealand Delivery Addresses:

Goods delivered within New Zealand will have 15% GST added to the website total.

Delivery Addresses Outside of New Zealand: 

Any exported Wear New Zealand item is exempt from the NZ GST tax of 15%.  All prices on the website are what you pay. What a great saving!


Please Note The Following: 

Exported goods, while not attracting the New Zealand Government's internal GST tax may be subject to the laws of the country to which they are going. Some governments have a threshold of the monetary amount you can import and then their local sales tax may be applicable after that point. While charges may be applicable, they are not always charged.

Here are some indicators we feel are correct at time of publishing and your own independent enquiry is encouraged to validate the following:

Australia: You are not liable for Australian GST if your consignment is valued at AUD$1000 or under

EU: You are not liable for Sales Tax if your consignment is valued at €100 or under.

UK: You are not liable for VAT if your consignment is valued at 18 pounds or under for yourself; or 40 pounds or under for a gift

USA: Each State in the USA is governed by it’s own differing  State Laws regarding Sales Tax.  It depends upon the point of entry of your goods (see link below)

While we cannot predict what will or won’t happen in your particular country at any time; we have found from Customer  feedback that  even if sales tax is  technically applicable, it  seems to be only randomly applied for our unique possum fur and other goodies.  Great news for most!  Remember, customers in New Zealand  already pay 15% more than you on website sales; so you have saved this already. 

However, if any taxes are payable at your end, this is totally outside the control of Wear New Zealand and we cannot be held responsible for  the enforcement of your own Country’s Laws.

If you are unsure of  your Country’s regulatory protocol, please contact your local Customs Office as Wear New Zealand  would like to stick with being fashion manufacturers only and do not aspire to be Customs experts in 200 or so countries. However, we have put together some links we feel could assist you with your own enquires: 

US Customs | UK Customs | Japanese Customs | Australian Customs



Duty is normally placed by a government to protect it’s local industry.  For example: as the legal collection of possum fur is confined  only to New Zealand, there is no local industry to protect in any other country for the equivalent article.  Therefore, there  should be no duty or minimal duty on Wear New Zealand's possum fur products.

Please note the following:

Australia: CER Free Trade Agreement in place for many years – there is no duty for any of Wear New Zealand goods when they arrive in Australia as all our products are  made in New Zealand and  all qualify as Duty Free items.

China: Free Trade Agreement –  there is no duty for commercially imported possum fur goods or others when they arrive in China so long as the Importing Chinese Company involved has obtained the relevant licences and paperwork. As all our product is made in New Zealand, they qualify as Duty Free items. For importation of personal goods, the Chinese government may invoke some form of duty.

Other Countries:  To date, Wear New Zealand has not experienced any duty for it’s exported items to most countries. This is because we are  not actively competing with any  equivalent offshore product.  However, each Country would have their own interpretation or criteria on this matter and if further information is required, please contact your local Customs Office.


LICENCES (normally for Commercial quantites)

USA Customs  may require a Wildgame and Fishing Licence on Commercial (bulk) or very high value, imported Possum Fur Products. Personal items do not seem to be affected. It does depend on each State so your own enquires are encouraged.

China Customs: Commercial Companies importing in bulk have to obtain an Authenticity Licence per shipment so that Duty will not be applied.