Possum Control in the ‘City of Sails’

This tale was related to us straight from the possum’s horse’s mouth! Names have been changed to protect the innocent, the not-so innocent, and anyone who ate one of Aunty Ruby’s legendary salads.

Rick works for one of New Zealand’s largest pest control companies. From palm flies to Possums, Rick’s your man! One of his more time-consuming jobs involves locating (and dealing with) Possums that have got stuck in the roofs of houses.

After discovering that peanut butter is too delicious for the average Possum to resist, he arranges dinner reservations at ‘Chez Cage.’ Sadly this is the full extent of Ricks culinary skills – the Possums often eat better than he does! The next day Rick collects his guests (it’s a bit like the Hotel California – “you can check out any time, but you can never leave”) and while I can’t relate what he does next – it is merciful.

I can confirm however, what happens next…

You see, Rick lives with his Aunty Ruby on one of Auckland’s MOST prestigious streets. In fact, tour buses are known to disgorge camera-toting tourists there every day to enjoy panoramic views of Auckland’s skyline. What they DON’T know, is how Aunty Ruby gets her Roses so healthy or her Tomatoes so huge.

Actually, Aunt Ruby doesn’t know either.

Unbeknown to her Rick has been disposing of his ‘guests’ under her veggie patch. At the time of writing there have been at least 70 burials (or ‘deposits’ for the more sensitive), and Aunty Ruby’s Cabbages have won Best Vegetable at the Auckland A&P show! Apparently, Ricks ‘organic’ fertilizer is a miracle worker.

Should any future archaeologists plan a dig around the area, they may be amazed to find an undiscovered civilization. Move over Neanderthal Man, hello Pygmy Trichophorus Vulpeca Homo Sapien (Possum Man).

Rick has a lot to answer for.

If you’ve got a Possum story, we’d love to hear it. Email it to us and we’ll pop it on the blog and send you a ‘possie-pressie’ to say thanks.

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