What do you know?

No sooner had I made my post about the ‘Bigfoot Possum’ on Friday, than I got home and found this follow up article in the local rag – the New Zealand Herald.

Researchers put their Bigfoot in it.

Can you believe it? It was just a rubber suit after all! Well…

Ok, ok, so that’s enough of the mock disbelief. Turns out as the ‘evidence’ thawed out they realised it was just a rubber gorilla suit. (Really? Only after it thawed out?) Apparently a burned hair sample

Melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair. The thawing was speeded up and the exposed head was found to be “unusually hollow in one small section”. An hour of thawing later and the feet were exposed – and found to be made of rubber.

So there goes all those giant Possum fur throw fantasies. Oh well, I can but dream…

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