SLINX (Baby Lamb Skin)

Mention sheep and people think of New Zealand and our clean green pastures have a few million of them. Baby Lamb Skin or slink skin is a by-product from this major industry and our Slinx Collection is aptly named to epitomise this natural resource that is from Downunder.

Commonly known as Slink (and at other times called Shearling), these Baby Lamb Skin hides are processed and converted into sumptuously warm garments, which are lightweight and luxurious. The hides are very soft ensuring a comfortable fit no matter what size or style garment you purchase.

New Zealand Baby Lamb Skin is a natural resource resulting from “casualties of nature” in our bi-annual lambing season. Due to inclement weather some lambs do not survive birth or a few days later. Now baby lamb is a valuable commodity in the fashion world and of course New Zealand's excellent reputation for producing the finest leathers, wool and meat from lambs is is well known.

Wear New Zealand has created the Slinx Label by which to market these gorgeous garments in a variety of textures and funky dyes that will delight. We are proud to both design and manufacture this Collection incorporating our New Zealand Possum Fur as a beautiful complement.  This combination of intrinsically New Zealand natural materials is sleek, modern, and wonderfully tailored - no oblong or square boxy cuts here!

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