The things people say...

  • Sharon, Auckland, New Zealand

    Thank you so much absolutely love the scarf. Will definitely pass on your website. Thank you thank you thank you

  • Marie K, Auckland, New Zealand

    Hi Teresa, thought you might like to see the
    cushions on my sofa. They are an absolute delight, i'm thrilled to bits with them. Thank you so much for your creativity and skill.

    [This was a vintage rabbit fur jacket conversion]

  • Sandy Bellamy, London, UK

    I have acquired several possum items from Teresa at Possum New Zealand, which never cease to receive favourable comments whenever I wear them. The scarves are amazingly warm, and are not only practical for the cold English winters, but also, their vibrant colours lift the dullest winter’s day. The detachable fur cuffs are an ingenious creation for dressing up a garment and can totally transform the look of a black coat or jacket into a fashion statement, and there are no worries when it comes to cleaning, as they are removable. Similarly, with the detachable boot cuffs. I can recommend these clever accessories as a versatile addition to help ‘multiply’ the look of your wardrobe.

  • Maria Fernanda Paes Moreira, Braga, Portugal

    For a long time I've known about your magnificent products and have bought them. The quality is extraordinarily good, comfortable, warm and original. My friends envy me because in my country there aren't any products to match your coats, scarves and pullovers, all the more since they don't know what a possum is. In Portugal winter is cosier with the beautiful shelter of your clothes.

  • Jean L, Auckland, New Zealand

    This note is  to let you know how delighted I am with my new Possum NZ  black possum "waistcoat" jacket, my birthday present this year from two equally delighted family members. This made-to-measure bespoke garment is one of the loveliest gifts I have received in a long lifetime, believe me! The fine long-staple fur is joy to wear, the sleeveless style being one which goes anywhere any time, dressed up with jewellery and long skirts, or dressed down with casual clothes. I think the most comforting feature - apart from the graceful design - is the full-skinned back portion, which is such a cosy "backstop" on cool days. Thank you for designing and making this lovely garment for me. Congratulations and good wishes for Possum NZ...

  • M.L. Stringfellow, Ontario, Canada

    I was very pleased with the hat from Possum New Zealand which was a gift from my brother. My daughter liked it so much, I ordered one for her. It was received as promised, ahead of the date I requested. We have both been very satisfied with the hats and I would not hesitate to order anything else in the future.

  • Bronwen and Ken Green, Sydney, Australia

    This is just a short note to say that our Possum throw and cushion covers have arrived safe and sound. They are just superb!!!!!!! Everybody is wanting to know how and where I got them from. It was just great dealing with you, and being able to buy such a beautiful product. We are coming over to N.Z. again around the middle of November, so am getting orders from friends,left, right and centre. Hope this email finds you well, we will see you soon.

  • MJL, Auckland, New Zealand

    This dinky little number has been a great joy and such a comfort this winter. I am also confident that I have been the best wrapped parcel anywhere and everywhere I have been, all season. The number of people who come up to me and just want to pat my back is quite remarkable, and I'm so protective of my lovely jacket that I am tempted to murmur, "mustn't pat strange animals, they may bite!"

  • Margaret, Victoria, Australia

    I have received my order of the Igloo knitwear jacket ( with hood). It is beautiful - made with care and attention; nicely packaged and speedily delivered to me. I will be buying from you again shortly. Thank you very much. 

  • Ekaterina Nasekina, Russia

    I've received the second parcel! Thank you so much! So now I've got two jackets - Venetia Jacket and Rococco Jacket. They are really superior, excellent and so soft and warm! Now there's getting colder and colder in Russia, winter is coming so it's a season to wear Possum NZ clothes! Thank you a lot for your work, your art and creative ideas! I like it very much! Russia needs more such great warm things!

  • Kerrie Bawden, Australia

    Received the natural brown Cossack Hat today absolutely delighted. Can't wait for the winter weather to kick in so I can wear it, very stylish.
    THANKYOU  for the prompt service.  I found the cities sheet information very interesting, a good way to deal with an introduced species.

  • Olivia, Waakirchen, Germany

    I've received my ordered cushion covers and everything went very smoothly.  Couldn't believe that the covers would all fit in such a small parcel.  Definitely not my last order!  Thanks such much for your help and patience!

  • Karen

    I received my PossumNZ cover very quickly and am delighted with it!  My parents just returned from New Zealand and could not stop raving about possum fur.  This cover is a gift for them for their 50th wedding anniversary - a little weird, I know, but they'll love it!  

  • Philippa, New Zealand

    Hi Teresa, received the possum scarf and it looks great.  

  • G.M., Melbourne, Australia

    After nearly four years of daily wear, my first raw-edge possum handbag was so well-loved it wore through in the corners - so I ordered two more. I've been delighted by the workmanship and I always get admiring comments. Thanks WNZ.

  • Di, Auckland, NZ

    Many thanks - received the throw late yesterday. Went straight on the end of the bed (of course it’s too warm but we’re enjoying looking at it). Works a treat. Really appreciate the effort you’ve put into making this so perfect. The cat on the other hand is a complete loser. Was more interested in the box than the new addition to the bedroom! That will change come winter. Anyway, once again, we are really happy with this and will be singing your praises to anyone who is remotely interested in possum throws!

  • Nick, UK

    I received your item (Herringbone Possum Merino Jacket)  today. I'm very pleased with the quality, attention to detail and fit. Many thanks for your help sending this.

  • Elli, UK

    May I say how delighted I am with the Furwah that you sent me this Christmas....so chuffed, and honestly have given up sleeping under the duvet as this is all I need, look forward to crawling under it every night. It is truly amazing in every way, I cannot find fault in any way whatsoever.

  • John, Hong Kong

    We collected our parcel from the post office today – everything is in order. The two throws look beautiful, they are so rich and so well made. They will add a real touch of luxury to our home, and keep out the winter chills! Anna is also delighted with her muff and the scarf. She loves the natural grey colour and appreciates the very fine workmanship. I think she may want to add a hat to her collection! Thank you for everything.

  • Catherine, Indianapolis, USA

    I received the possum throw and it is magnificent! It is so soft and warm. I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

  • Corvin, Luxembourg

    Hi Teresa, the gauntlets just arrived and they are amazing!!! When I saw them I wished I was a woman so I could wear them myself instead of giving them as a gift to my girl friend :) Big thank you!

  • Linda W, Henderson, USA

    I received the gauntlets and I LOVE THEM! Thank you for the extra length--they are perfect. They fit as if they were made just for me and fit "like a glove" (I couldn't resist that one). Will keep me toasty in the cold Nebraska winters where we visit family!

  • Georgina, Queensland, Australia

    Hi Teresa, my pink igloo arrived today – perfect fit and love the colour! Many thanks.

  • Jenny, Sydney, Australia

    Very pleased with the jacket. Lovely and soft, beautiful colour - just what I was hoping for! Thanks.

  • Kurt, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    I am a fly fisherman and a serious fly tier and I needed to find some New Zealand Possum hides for some of the patterns that I tie. Here in the States it is almost impossible to find any, not to mention some really high quality ones. I did some searching on the internet and found a company called Wear New Zealand that had all sort of colours available and lots of hides to pick from. A really nice lady by the name of Teresa took the time to send me pictures of the hides so I could pick the ones I needed. Once I picked them and paid for them, they showed up a week later at my door, from New Zealand to Chicago Illinois (US), that was fast! When I opened the package I could not believe the quality of the skins, almost too nice for fly tying ;). I just want to say thank you to Teresa and Wear New Zealand for taking care of me and taking the extra steps making sure I got what I needed. I will be ordering more in the future and I will pass your name on to my fellow fly tiers. Cheers, Kurt.

  • M Ward, East Yorkshire, UK

    My Mongolian Lamb scarf is a truly beautiful creation and quite unusual! Great price too! Thanks a lot :) You have the most fabulous stuff on your website, Ms Possum. I'll have to save up for a special occasion!

  • Rosie, Victoria, Australia

    Hi Teresa, thanks for sending the Charleston Wrap so promptly. I love it! Can't wait to show it off.

  • PJ Hayden, NSW, Australia

    Just to let you know that the leather cap arrived safely, fits well, and satisfies all expectations.  Cheers.

  • Sam, Wellington, New Zealand

    Thanks - scarf received. I had been wanting this particular one for about a year, so took the advantage of Mother's Day and put one on order.  I was delighted with the vibrant cobalt blue colour and elegant design, and I'm sure it will be a useful addition to my Wellington Winter Wardrobe.

  • C. Coudray, Verrieres-le-Buisson, France

    Thank you so much for your shipment. I have received it this morning and it looks great.  I shall stay in touch with your company.  Kind regards,

  • J Hitchon, Christchurch, New Zealand

    To the team at Wear New Zealand, a huge thank you! The fur collar that I purchased online on Monday, hoping to be able to take it overseas with me early next week, has arrived in record time. The fur collar (red) is beautiful and I am sure my daughter will love it. I very much appreciate your service, miracles can happen! Again thank you.

  • Mercedes F, Wales, UK

    Utterly divine! A must-have for the winter. Service was faultless and I was able to request a bespoke combination of suede and colour. Worth every penny! [Possum Fur Gauntlets]

  • V & G, Auckland, New Zealand

    Just thought you might like to know we are thrilled with our possum throw.  Never dreamed I would ever get this item ticked off my bucket list - but there you are!  As I am sitting emailing you - Gordon is having an afternoon  nap - all tucked up  in the throw and looking very cosy.

    One friend has already asked me for your web address after having inspected my throw, turned it upside down and just about inside out (as girls do) and wrapped herself up in its luxurious feel.   I think she also has one on her bucket list.

    Its just right for the bed at night.  We can't wait to get to bed and snuggle into the throw.  Not too hot or too wide and just long enough.  Its also good to know just where it came from - way down deep in the South Island.  The pillow also compliments the throw at the upper portion of the bed.

    I'd like to tell "the family" it's a family heirloom, but maybe we'll just enjoy it ourselves for a decade or two.

    Just wanted you to know we love our throw, we'll tell all who ask where we purchased it and to let you know - we think you have produced a high standard, quality item.   To us, you were very prompt, courteous and very helpful with expert advice. Well done you... we are very happy customers.

    Our thanks and best wishes.

  • Kathryn L, Canberra, Australia

    Hi Teresa,

    I wanted to let you know that I received the beautiful Greta Garbo stole and I love it.  It is absolutely beautiful and I've had some lovely comments about it.  Thank you so much - it is better than I had hoped!

    My Mum also received her scarf and loves it as well.  

    Thank you for the lovely complimentary bags you provided as well.  It was a pleasure dealing with you - thank you.

  • E.M., Austria

    Dear Teresa,
    Thank you so much for the service, I love both cardigans, they are such good quality and very stylish. I have picked up the parcel this afternoon from the post office and my 10yo sits amongst the bag full of fur pieces admiring and telling me about all the projects and what will become out of them (if that goes on like this we soon will have to order a second bag!)

  • Chantal, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Wow wow wow I love them! They are amazing!

    The Prince is travelling and will be back soon. The first thing I will do when he will return is to discuss your beautiful panels.

    Thank you so much for this great work..

  • Lalita, Paris, France

    I received both my coat and jacket today, they are wonderful and they fit me very well.

  • Paula J, Piha, West Auckland

    Dear Teresa

    I want to thank you for the most beautiful hat and scarf and complimentary bag.

    I am so pleased that my google search for a possum cossack hat resulted in connecting with you and your business.  

    After speaking with you, I was relieved and felt confident in the delivery of a high quality, custom tailored end product at an excellent price .
    In fact, you presented the best price for high calibre pelts custom tailored .

    The willingness to carefully and informatively select, streamline and finalise what I required over the phone (without having to travel from Piha to the City), as well as the lovely manner in which you dealt with my inquiry, was and is very much appreciated .

    I had in fact, up until Monday, been excitedly awaiting the arrival of the special package . 
    Needless to say I am delighted with quality of craftsmanship and the speed with which the order was fulfilled and delivered to our home in Piha - arriving exactly as committed to.

    Thank you again Teresa, and I hope we do meet in person in the future.

    I will certainly highly recommend you to anyone who may be interested in your products and skilled craftsmanship .

    'Professionalism, Personability, Integrity' are yours to enjoy Teresa.

    Warmest of Wishes Always

  • Rob & Janet, Queensland, Australia

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The look is wonderful but it's thrown us into a dilemma as this throw is destined for our holiday home but we feel we need another here in Esk so I think once the bank account recovers, you'll be hearing from us again.  Thank you so much for a wonderful masterpiece.

  • Victoria H, Sydney, Australia

    My stunningly, beautiful possum vest arrived yesterday and it has not left my body today. It has arrived just in time for the freezing weather we are currently experiencing, and everywhere I went today I have had people either touching or asking me about my fur and where I got it. It has all been positive with people saying how luxurious it looks and are very surprised when I tell them it is possum. I think your campaign about possums in NZ has got through, because people are now quite aware of the destruction that they cause to New Zealand 's environment. I would like to thank you Teresa, and your staff very much for the beautiful workmanship on my vest and for the very prompt delivery and service.

  • Virginia, Sydney, Australia

    I have bought several products from Possum NZ and love them. I have a beautiful bed cover, cushions and hats. Lovely items and I feel I am doing the environment a favour as well!

  • Jenny Yeo, Auckland, New Zealand

    Teresa, just a note to let you know how happy I am with the scarves and cushion you made for me. They are wonderful.

  • Kerrie Bawden, Australia

    Received the natural brown Cossack Hat today absolutely delighted. Can't wait for the winter weather to kick in so I can wear it, very stylish. THANKYOU  for the prompt service.  I found the Cites sheet information very interesting; a good way to deal with an introduced species.

  • Sharon Chambers, Auckland, New Zealand

    I simply LOVE my fur collars from Possum NZ! They have been a stunning addition to my wardrobe and never fail to draw favourable comments whenever I wear them.Not only are the furs of top quality but the service is as well.

  • Rosalind, East Sussex, UK

    The items are gorgeous and well worth the effort. One of the fur scarves was for my mother-in-law and she says its the nicest present she had this Christmas, she absolutely loves it and is wearing it in the house!
    My sister had the other one and was thrilled too, so all round a huge success and thank you for all your efforts to get them to us!

  • Bill & Christine, Eastbourne, New Zealand

    We have just received the single possum throw that we ordered recently. We are absolutely thrilled with it & it is better than we expected. The quality is amazing & you can see that great care has been taken with matching the pelts. We found you, Teresa to be very professional in your dealings with us and you seemed very passionate in your field of work. My husband was very impressed when he visited your workshop. He was given the instructions to get the small throw but came home with the bigger one and I am so glad he did. We would not hesitate in recommending anyone to buy from Possum NZ. 

  • Brigette, New Zealand

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your commitment to quality service. I phoned at short notice for my order to be received in time for a birthday gift, and you happily shuffled your workload around to accomodate my wishes. In fact, you had the order on my doorstep the very next morning. The product was also of exceptional quality, and my friend said it was the best gift she received this year. Thank you kindly. 

  • Moyra, Wellington, New Zealand

    The hat is beautiful and fits like a glove. I wore it for the first time today (in Wellington it is very cold and windy and wet today) and it was a godsend as you can imagine. I also got many comments on how lovely it looked (which it did).

    I have just passed your website to some of my colleagues who expressed interest in getting hats as well.

    A huge thank you from me – I love my hat

  • John, Tasmania, Australia

    I have just received my Possum hat, and l must say l am very impressed with the high quality of the product.  Living in Tassie l have had a lot to do with possums and l know how beautiful their furs can be, also they can vary a lot.  I could not have been more happy with the hat you have sent me, and l will have to guard it very carefully, for some people in my family have been eyeing it off, also my workmates are jealous.  l will be looking at more of your products, it is great to use a natural fibre.

  • Nadine Wouda, The Netherlands

    I received the Moomoo boots and I really like them.  Thank you very much and maybe in the future I will order again.

  • Carol Ann, Texas, USA

    Just wanted to let you know I received my possum sausage roll collar today and am quite pleased.  Thank you for the complimentary bag.  Due to our Arctic temperatures in Texas at the present I will get some good wear out of it.

  • Christine Banbury, UK

    Thank you soooo much for the swift delivery of my possum boot cuffs, a gift from a New Zealand cousin.  The cuffs are beautiful anad fit perfectly and look splendid on my black suede boots. The boots are 2 years old and the cuffs have given them a new lease of life.  I love them and I've never seen anything similar in the UK (we don't have any possums of course, but we could make them out of rabbit I suppose but rabbit fur doesn't sound half as luxurious as possum!)

  • Anita, Toronto, Canada

    Feedback has been EXTREMELY positive, thankyou very much.

  • Karen, New Zealand

    I purchased this hat for a Xmas gift for my neice who lives in london. She absolutey loves it. 

  • Ilze Alka, Hampshire, UK

    The possum scarf was a Christmas present for my daughter Ieva who lives in Kent and works in London as a graphic designer. She loves scarves and handbags, she got loads of them. I live in Hampshire and don't see her very often and I thought that such a nice possum scarf will keep her warm in this cold weather we got this year.I studied forestry myself and I know how certain species can destroy the balance in the nature...

    Thank you for the very good timing with delivery. She recived the parcel on Christmas Eve and she loves the scarf.

  • Graham, London, UK

    Just to let you know that Debbie wears her “perfect gift” daily – we can not get her out of it. It really is lovely and she says is so warm. You may see her in Feb/March.

  • Jackie, The Netherlands

    Received it yesterday already! In perfect shape too!  Already made mittens from the hide. Almost looking forward to another cold day!

  • E.F.

    I have received my order today, pretty fast shipping! This is exactly what I wanted for my Xmas holidays in France. I really liked the re-usable bag that come with it. Thx.

  • Ann-Marie, Perth, WA, Australia

    My brother has a large possum throw and I’ve always admired his.... so I finally ordered one and it arrived today to much excitement.  I love it – love the colour, love the smell and love the feel, it’s very well made and it is so sensuous!  Thank you so much – this is the ultimate gift, even if I gave it to myself!  Many thanks

  • Emily, USA

    I just received my pillows, and I am very happy.  They are decadent, plush, and the color is perfect - subtle, natural looking, and very stylish.  They look much more expensive than they are.  Basically, they are a great value!  I am also happy with the grey you choose for the backing.  Thank you again for your assistance and personal attention during this process. 

  • William, UK

    The Possum skins have arrived and I am most pleased with them.  I am using them to make a new collar on my Possum lined suede jacket - this is the warmest jacket I have and is 25 years old! I have since replaced the suede outer jacket maybe ten years ago but I re-used the Possum fur lining.

  • Abigail, Australia

    I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the service I recieved from Possum NZ. My parcel arrived yesterday - less than a week between ordering and arriving in Australia! I love the purple fur and am just trying to work out what else I can make so I have the excuse to order further pelts from you! I was also very impressed that there was no additional postage charge. It is lovely when internet shopping is so simple! Thank you!

  • Patricia S, USA

    I want to tell you how much I love the products that I purchased. I wore the vest to a party last night and everyone went nuts over it. When I told them that the fur is eco friendly everyone had to learn more. I am giving your web site to a few of my friends at the party who want to purchase from you soon. I want to get many more pieces and would love to have a blanket one day. Many thanks for being able to send the fur to the US and to be selling such beautiful eco friendly products!

  • Rebecca Grima, Melbourne, Australia

    I have been dealing with Teresa at Possum New Zealand for several years now and have purchased many wonderful garments from her over the years, not only for myself but as gifts for my mother and other relatives. The Possum Merino knitted garments are of the highest quality and have washed beautifully and held their shape well. I always get comments when I am wearing my jacket with the possum collar and it is beautifully warm and light. We also have a special 'Moomoo' cowskin rug in our living room, that Teresa custom made, which is much admired - a real eye catching piece. I thoroughly recommend Teresa at Possum New Zealand as she designs and makes the best!