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Kiwiana Koru Scarf

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These made in New Zealand Koru scarves are constructed from 100% cotton with a tightly woven 200 thread count! A long 1.59 metres (62”) length measurement means you have options such as twisting round the neck, using it as a wrap or even a headdress for those hazy, lazy days of Summer.

The Koru, which means “loop” in Maori, is based on the shape of an unfurling silver fern frond symbolising new life and growth and is an integral component of Maori design.

Our national carrier, Air New Zealand, has adopted the koru as its icon and it has come to be associated with all things intrinsically New Zealand.

The specially commissioned printing of these batik koru fabrics offshore to be sent back to New Zealand,  has been achieved by labour intensive hand blocking utilising wax and myriad dyes to achieve irrredescent look hues. Therefore, any variation of colour or patterning is part of this process as each fabric piece is unique, like you!  Choose from the following colours:

  • Peacock: shades of blue and green koru against a black backdrop
  • Aubergine: shades of lilac and forest koru against a darker purple backdrop
  • Pacifica: shades of greenish gold koru against a turquoise, green and rust backdrop

Machine washable in cold water. 100% made in New Zealand.

Licence Number: 803214