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Possum Fur Trim By the Metre

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If you are into creating your own Design or embellishing a fave outfit, here at last is strip cut possum fur in 4cm width.  We've used the silkiest part of the possum fur hide and meticulously joined  with our "cup seamer"  machine  with skin side on reverse to give a continuous length and even texture and colour for all your creative ideas. 

Sew or glue onto your  fashion or craft projects.

Decorate a knit sleeve hem, make a scrapbook border, give your tote more wow, your boot tops more oomph or plait a few strands together for a big tassel or neck choker.

The more you buy, the more you save per metre; so check out our 5 metre or 10 metre prices!  Or if you have another width in mind, contact us to quote on your design project.

Be inventive by combining a flower cut out of our possum fur scraps, add  a possum fur button or two and let your creative juices flow!

Licence Number: 803214