Whakamarama School Fundraiser

A couple of months ago we got an email from Whakamarama School (just out of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty), who told us about the ‘Possum Hunt’ and family fundraiser they were running, to update their IT equipment.

Held at the beginning of June, we hope the fundraiser was a huge success! From the photos we saw it looked like the weather was fantastic.

It sounds like it was a great day with ‘wild food’ stalls – Venison, Goat and Possum pies, and amazing-sounding Duck sausages! One of the Possum NZ staff (who shall remain nameless) was all in favour of hopping in the car and driving down for a special West Coast Possum pie!

There was also the rather intriguing ‘Best Dressed Possum’ competition. This natty little character (who we’ve nicknamed ‘the Penguin’) was presumably the winner. There are clearly some fertile imaginations in the Bay of Plenty…

Possum New Zealand was pleased to help out, and donated a hot pink Audrey Hepburn fur scarf as one of the prizes.

Special thanks to George Creighton-Syme who told us all about going Possum hunting with his Dad!

On Friday and Saturday me, Dad and Dad’s friend Seth went possum hunting. We caught 85 possums. In the bush it was dark and scary. The possums were squealing, the pigs were oinking, but the Morepork were crying “more pork, more pork”. Bang went Dad’s gun. Squeak went the possum. That’s 84 possums. Bang went Seth’s gun. Squeak went the possum. That’s 85 possums. We better get home, it’s getting late, it’s almost midnight. The next day Dad and I went to the Whakamarama school possum hunt competition. We came second. My friend Zinzan came first. I’m going to beat Zinzan next year.

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