Continuing Rick’s adventures in Possumland

As relayed by Rick, not realising that Ms Possum would embellish, hyperbolise and immortalise all his possum adventures.  May he never read her blog!

Remember Rick, Possum Dispatcher Extraordinaire, in two previous stories on the blog? You may recall he created a mass graveyard of our furry friends in one of Auckland’s most prestigious streets where he lives with his Aunt Ruby. Yes, Rick is the ultimate recycler. To jog your memory, see:

Possum Control in the ‘City of Sails’
Every Possum has its Day

Rick has just informed us here at Possum New Zealand that the “deposits” in Aunt Rubys backyard are now in the vicinity of 110, but hey, who’s counting? Also, Aunt Ruby’s cabbages he tends particularly thrive on this highly patentable fertilizer.

Rick’s success in capturing possums is now due to the wonder drug – Cinnamon! Sprinkle this up to the entrance of the cage, and whammo, Bob’s your Uncle. Do try this recipe and let us know your success rate.

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