Fur Repair Service for New Zealand and Australian Customers

If you've got garments that have seen better days, Ms Possum's expert skills can breathe life back into your old favourites. Here are some before and after shots of a range of differing renovation work. It's nice to be "green" and reinvent grandma's vintage wardrobe and give it a new lease of life. Whether it's just a small repair, a reline, hem adjustment, sewing up tears, making a garment bigger or smaller, or a complete transformation such as converting into another style or even a throw conversion, we can give you a quote or an estimate.

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Ms Possum's Fur Repair Service

Over the past 23 years, we have upcycled, repaired and renovated old and new fur items into objects of desire ready for a new lease of life. It’s that level of experience that will ensure your beloved treasure is preserved for the next generation.

If you are living in New Zealand or Australia and wish for any of the above services, find out how to easily obtain a price and send to us with minimal fuss.

In order to quote or estimate your fur repairs here,
you can:

  • Book an appointment for a private consultation at  our premises in Central Auckland.
  • Email us with clear pics and description of the work required.
  • Request a zoom or Whatsapp call so we can view the damage.

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Price Guide for Repairs

The following prices are a guide only as each vintage item is unique unto itself. Some fur coats have cracked skin surfaces and are disintegrating. Others have missing pieces or are bald in places.

98% of these problems have been repairable over the last 23 years and there is extensive hand
work involved in most repairs due to the age and fragility of the hides.

GST is to be added if  goods are delivered within New Zealand. Prices are in New Zealand dollars.

How much?

Individual tears or rip repairs

Seam tears: From  $25 per tear per 10cm straight line

Jagged, multi-directional tears mid hide:  from $50 for small areas of 5 cm diameter: bigger areas of 10cm diameter or more : from $100 . 

Prices include reinforcing interlining to strengthen
area  and hand stitching where the fur is too delicate to place through a fur joiner.

Converting fur coats to throws:

From $699  for jacket length.

From $799 for coat length

Prices includes repairing minor tears and reinforcing interlining to strengthen back of throw and mock suede backing

Converting fur coats to cushion covers

From $185 ea

Includes reinforcing interlining and mock sued backing with zip closure

Cleaning vintage fur coats

From $150 per jacket/coat depending on size. We hand
clean vintage fur coats with mild detergent  to freshen up the fur side and take away that musty odour.

Dry cleaning is not recommended as the process may compromise vintage fur.

We do not clean the lining side as we re-line instead.

Relining vintage fur coats

From $495 per jacket  or $550 per coat – we re-line in bridal quality satin with  piped edges.

Freight rates from New Zealand

It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to send your fur
coat to us. As most fur coats weigh between 1.5 to 2 kg, the following rates serve as a guide only. For a definitive price, you can  enter all details to purchase online or simply take to your nearest Post Office.

NB: Postal rates are dictated by both weight and  dimensions of package .

Courier fee Guide if sending  within NZ

Auckland to Auckland:  about $10

North Island to Auckland: about $25

South Island to Auckland: about $35

For more detailed rates

Freight Rates from Australia

Postage and Courier fee Guide if sending from
Australia to Auckland, New Zealand

Postage between  AUS$30 AUS$37

Courier: about AUS$60

We will provide the postal address  to send to
us at the same time as your estimate or quotation.

For more detailed rates

Freight rates back to you

Repairs are sent back at reasonable NZ Post rates if not uplifted