Every Possum has its Day

At last, we have the follow-up to ‘Rick’s story’! It required some digging worthy of an investigative journalist, and some stand-over tactics, but here you go…

‘Doomed from the start’ seemed to be the best description. Not only was the cage wedged into the rafters of a 1950’s garage, the ground below was extremely uneven.

Rick hadn’t given that much thought when he put the cage in.

But that was before it was filled with a spitting, hissing, rage-filled Possum. It appears that, contrary to the norm, a spoonful of peanut butter and a warm spot wasn’t enough to placate this Possum ‘guest.’

The end result was worthy of a slow-motion replay. As Rick reached up to collect the cage, the Possum took a swipe at him. Rick’s cat-like reflexes kicked in and he whisked his hand away. However, that set the ladder rocking, and when that ladder’s rocking, Rick’s head is knocking. Against the wooden shed roof, that is.

There was a split second when Rick thought he could regain his balance. Sadly, that was also the moment the Possum had another swipe at him.

It wasn’t so much the fall that hurt Rick. It was actually when the Possum cage fell on him that his rib was broken. That was also the point when Rick’s shirt was ripped to shreds by our little friend’s razor claws.

After 3 hours in A&E, several x-rays and a Tetanus shot in his bum, Rick was a new man. Until the painkillers wore off. He’s spent the last couple of months hobbling around – wheezing at the mere mention of Possum.

If you’ve got a Possum story, we’d love to hear it. Email it to us and we’ll pop it on the blog and send you a ‘possie-pressie’ to say thanks.

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