What Possum New Zealand Does with its Offcuts for Humans

What Possum New Zealand Does with its Offcuts for Humans

It’s all very well that people go on about being “ green” or environmentally conscious, but here at Possum New Zealand, it is a core philosophy that is part and parcel of the business.

As you can imagine being a manufacturer, Possum New Zealand has heaps of eco-fur offcuts. We do not bin this resource but recycle in the following interesting ways:

  • eco bag trimming
  • stuffing for pompom ranges
  • stuffing for cushion inners
  • strip cutting for our striped ranges or fur trim
  • buttons and decorative flowers.
  • Supplying to craft shops, designers and  schools

Possum New Zealand has hosted a dozen or more Possum Workshops by now for kids 5 – 14 years old. The latest one had the girls making their own possum fur trimmed cushion covers to their own design – they added their own bling and ribbons and we made a huge mess stuffing these to the max with the smaller possum fur off-cuts. Wow, the warmest cushions this side of a polar bear!!! Check out the pic of the finished products. These young, aspiring fashion designers really blew Ms Possum’s socks off with their originality and creativity. The next workshop will be for grown up girls and we are already booked way out!!!

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