Why is Possum Fur so Warm?

We often get feedback from our customers that their Possum fur pillows and throws seem to radiate heat after they’ve been lying on them, similar to a wheat bag just out of the microwave.

This is predominantly due to the makeup of the Possum fur fibre itself. The fibre has a variegated texture which causes neighbouring fibres to cling to one and other minimizing the amount of heat loss.

But the Possum fur fibre has another trick up its sleeve in the heat stakes. A hollow core! Warm air is trapped in the shaft of the fibre. This helps to make Possum fur one of the warmest natural fibres (after Polar bear, of course).

This is great for the Brushtail Possum – out in the cold and eating its way through the Kaingaroa Forest.

But it’s even better for you. Not only are you helping the New Zealand eco-system, you’re ensuring that your winters will be warm and cheery!

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