Can wearing fur be guilt-free?

This article appeared in the online Independent this week. It started off talking about designer Chie Imai who designs under the name Royal Chie, and her ‘Eco Harmony’ range of mink and chinchilla (up to £42,000 for a cape, eep!).  Her take on ‘ecological fur’ is an interesting one

As Imai says, fur can be worn for generations, is organic, causes no pollution, and “returns to the earth”.

The article quotes Possum New Zealand’s take on the marsupial morass

Others, such as Possum NZ, a company run by Teresa Angliss in New Zealand, have already started making hats, scarves and gilets from possum fur. The animals were originally brought to the country in the 1800s to establish a fur trade, and without a natural predator they bred like, well, possums. Possum-haters say that there are now 17 of these animals for every human on the island.

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