Possum Obituary

Possum Obituary

Rick is still successfully employed transporting our furry friends to the next dimension. He’s very good at his job and in high demand.

Just the other day, Rick was called to remove a sleeping soot-encrusted possum that had free fallen from the roof down the flue of a Kent fireplace. A “Kent” is a New Zealand woodburner and the flues are normally very long and thin – so he must have been a very skinny critter!

Trouble was the little rascal woke up and started decorating the Kent glass door with an etching pattern that could hardly be deemed a work of art, so the offender was quickly sent to meet his maker. We take solace in the fact that the Kent was not used as an indoor crematorium. The deceased is grateful he has escaped the eternal damnation of the fires of hell. The home owners are grateful that the chimney sweep does not now have to come in for another year.

May our furry friend’s soul rest in peace. He probably had a very good life, and it’s nice to know that a part of him lives on in Aunty Ruby’s organic vegetable garden.

Remember, if you have a crazy possum story to tell, drop us a line and we may even publish it!  Email Ms Possum at info@possumnz.co.nz

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